President Q&A


1. Where are you from? 


2. What’s your position? 


3. Why did you decide to go Greek?

Initially, I never intended to go Greek, but had heard about Sigma Chi from a friend and decided to check it out. After meeting with the extraordinary members, I knew I had to be part of the organization.

4. Why Sigma Chi? 

I chose Sigma Chi because I admired the leadership, ambition, and passion in the Sigma Chi members who came before me. I wanted to be a part of a brotherhood that excelled in all parts of life be it academic, professional, social, etc.

5. What other commitments are you involved in outside of Sigma Chi? 

I am a full time student as well as I bartend at twelve west on the weekends. 

6. Any advice for potential new members interested in rushing?

When joining a Fraternity it is important to follow your intuition and do what feels right. This is something that you only get to do once so make it count and don’t look back. Get to know each fraternity and come to your own conclusions about which best suits you before making a decision. Personally, I was drawn to Sigma Chi as a first year because of the inspiring, talented, and ambitious leaders who came before me.  I am proud to be surrounded by individuals who always strive to achieve the utmost and to be the best versions of themselves.