Recruitment Co-Chair Q&A Part 2


1. Where are you from? 

I am from a small town outside of Calgary, Alberta.

2. What’s your position? 

I am one of two recruitment chairmen

3. Why did you decide to go Greek?

I went Greek because I see the value in surrounding myself with driven people. People who wish to enjoy their University experience by exploring everything University has to offer.

4. Why Sigma Chi? 

I chose Sigma Chi because of the early connections I had with the Brothers. Although very few of the Brothers are in a similar facility or played the same sports as me we seem to find commonalities beyond these basic points.

5. What other commitments are you involved in outside of Sigma Chi? 

While in school I try to stay as busy a possible. For me, school is my first and foremost priority. Beyond that, I enjoy spending my time at Gold's Gym or working at Cocktail Bar in Gastown.

6. Any advice for potential new members interested in rushing?

My advice, not only to those interested in Sigma Chi but those interested in the Greek system as a whole is to burn the candle at both ends. Enjoy you four or however many years at University by exploring opportunities inside as well as outside the classroom.