Recruitment Co-chair Q&A Part 1


1. Where are you from? 

Born in Ontario, but raised in Vancouver.

2. What’s your position? 

Co-Recruitment Chairmen.

3. Why did you decide to go Greek?

I decided to go greek because it is such a tight knit community, people in the greek system really embody the work hard play hard lifestyle that I was looking for in my university experience.

4. Why Sigma Chi? 

I went Sigma Chi because I wanted to surround myself amongst a group of gentlemen who challenged myself. A brotherhood that provided the best support system anyone could ask for, but also a group of men who were extremely involved around campus but also have ambitious career goals.

5. What other commitments are you involved in outside of Sigma Chi? 

Currently, I am working at Gold’s Gym and serving at a golf club and have worked at TD bank previously. I’ve been involved with volunteering at the UBC foodbank as well around campus.

6. Any advice for potential new members interested in rushing?

Advice going into rush is to keep an open mind and be curious. Every fraternity has something to offer, it’s just a matter of what YOU’RE looking for.