Treasurer Q&A


1. Where are you from? 

Toronto, Ontario

2. What’s your position? 


3. Why did you decide to go Greek? 

I decided to go Greek as I was looking to pursue more leadership opportunities on campus and join a community of bright individuals.

4. Why Sigma Chi? 

The upper-year Sigma Chis that I had met during rush really inspired me to take on risks and get outside my comfort zone throughout my undergraduate career. The strong brotherhood and lofty ambitions observed during fall recruitment drew me to the place; the countless leadership opportunities and supportive atmosphere made me stay.

5. What other commitments are you involved in outside of Sigma Chi? 

I am currently the VP Public Relations and Philanthropy for the Interfraternity Council (IFC), and have been involved with Enactus UBC as a project consultant in the past. I was also an orientation leader for UBC Sauder’s “The Spark” weekend. I am the Assistant Student Services Manager at the AMS, and a part-time salesperson at Nordstrom Pacific Centre.

6. Any advice for potential new members interested in rushing?

Go with an open mind, and keep your options open. Genuinely try to meet the boys of each house to see which suits you best.