Scholarship & Academics

Our Brotherhood offers every member the opportunity to make lasting friendships, develop strong leadership skills, and connect with Brothers from across the globe: it's a special place and everyone's experience is unique. However, you may not realize that there is a Scholarship Team at Delta Omicron committed to helping each and every member achieve and maintain a high scholastic standard: after all, while we need to leave room for fun, we're students first, and academic commitment needs to be a priority.

Academic Requirements

The academic requirement while pledging and as an active member of the chapter is 65%. This, however, is stressed strictly as a minimum, as the Delta Omicron chapter has a long tradition of academic achievement and stresses academic growth. Additionally, academics are monitored during the period of pledgeship as new members are required to log a defined amount of study hours to make sure they are balancing academics with their new commitments.

Local & International Scholarships

Sigma Chi offers numerous opportunities to gain funding for your education. Locally, the Delta Omicron chapter offers multiple small bursaries to active members, rewarding the top three GPA's in the chapter, as well as a brother who improves the most academically. Brothers also have the opportunities to gain larger leadership and academic grants from the International fraternity, as well as the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation.

Academic Opportunity

The Delta Omicron chapter provides numerous opportunity for academic support and success. With a network of brothers across all faculties and all years, and strong alumni, the opportunities for academic support are endless. 

For any questions regarding scholarships, academic requirements, or the academic demands of the fraternity, please do not hesitate to contact our current Scholarship Chairman.