Recruitment 2018


Congratulations on your admission to the University of British Columbia and your decision to go through Recruitment, informally referred to as Rush. During this process, you will have the ability to meet and become acquainted with members of the different fraternities here at UBC. While doing so, take a moment to consider the ideals, personalities, and actions of the brothers of the fraternities you are rushing. Find the one that most closely fits your own philosophy and style. Perhaps, Sigma Chi will be that fraternity.

Although this process may seem intimidating at first, keep in mind that it serves as a great way for you to challenge yourself personally, academically, and socially, as well as add to your undergraduate experience. 

Through the Recruitment process, you will hopefully establish life-long friendships and form a foundation of support for your next four years here at UBC.

Here at the Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Chi, we take pride in our longstanding tradition of value-based recruitment, emphasizing the importance of diversity and brotherhood amongst our potential new members. Our chapter is comprised of the outstanding leaders, scholars, athletes, and well-rounded young men, which further establishes our reputation as one of the most prominent fraternities on campus.

Recruitment Chairmen

Joshua Sacks

Johannesburg, South Africa

Year 2, Commerce

Thabo Gapare

Harare, Zimbabwe

Year 3, Accounting


What is Rush?

Fraternity Recruitment, colloquially known as "Rush", refers to the first few weeks of the fall semester where social events, activities, and open houses are hosted by UBC Fraternities to allow prospectives members to learn more about the different fraternities on campus, as well as the Greek System as a whole. At the very core, it is comprised of First and Second Rush, which are open houses that take place for all fraternities in the Greek Village and in other areas on campus. This is followed by Formal Rush, which prospective members may be invited to attend. After Formal Rush, one may receive a bid on Bids Day, after which accepting will officially mark the start of pledgeship. It’s an exciting and enjoyable way to kick off the new school year and explore all the fraternities at UBC, before deciding which suits you best.


Why Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi offers prospective members the chance to be part of one of the strongest, most renowned, and most prestigious international fraternities in the Greek World. Our Fraternity has initiated more than 300,000 brothers in its 162-year history – one of the largest for any Greek-Letter Organization, and boasts members in all facets of life, ranging from politics, the arts, athletics, and more. What distinguishes us from other fraternities is our commitment to diversity and inclusion, as it was our founders' belief that a fraternity that has members of different temperaments, talents, and convictions, will thrive better than a fraternity recruiting members who are alike. We also have a zero-tolerance policy on hazing, which we take very seriously. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.


Do I have to commit myself to a fraternity to rush?

No. Rushing is a "risk-free" process that involves zero-commitment to any fraternity. Rushing allows prospective members to meet brothers from different fraternities and learn more about the values of each brotherhood before deciding which one is right for you.


What is Sigma Chi looking for in potential new members?


Sigma Chi seeks out young men of different temperaments, talents, and convictions. We take pride in the diversity and inclusivity of our membership, with brothers active in all facets of university life - from leadership positions in student government and undergraduate societies, to intramural and varsity athletics. At the core, we evaluate potential new members based on the Jordan Standard. If you feel that you possess the qualities outlined in the Jordan Standard, we invite you to connect with us to learn more about Rushing Sigma Chi.


I’m interested in Rushing Sigma Chi. How do I learn more?

To learn more about Sigma Chi, we invite you to come by the Sigma Chi House to speak with any of the brothers, or connect with us online by filling out our Rush Interest Form. We will host a variety of events during the summer and throughout the Rush period in the fall that we encourage you to attend. Our Recruitment Chairmen and the rest of our brothers look forward to meeting you.


What are the time commitments of a Fraternity?

Time commitments to the Fraternity are usually kept to a minimum since we understand that academics are of utmost importance. Time commitments are usually limited to 5 hours per week.


Where is the Sigma Chi House?

To learn more about the Sigma Chi House, click here.


Who are some of the notable Alumni of Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi boasts thousands of notable alumni who carry on the traditions instilled upon them from their time at Sigma Chi. Some notable alumni include Brothers Brad Pitt, Drew Brees, David Letterman, John Wayne, Woody Harrelson, Luke Bryan, and Ty Burrell. To see more, click here.


What are some of your biggest events?

At Sigma Chi UBC, we host a variety of social and philanthropic events throughout the duration of the school year. This includes our annual Toga Party to kick off the Fall Semester, and Academy in the New Year. Derby Days is our annual Philanthropy event that raises awareness and money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Other events include our annual Haunted House for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation, our prestigious Sweetheart Ball, and Small Rooms - amongst others.