I’m interested in rushing a fraternity. How do I learn more?

  • To learn more about Sigma Chi UBC please feel free to come out to First Rush and Second Rush in the coming fall term. We’re also hosting a variety of events this summer so feel free to come check them out! Their dates and times are listed on the calendar above.

Where is the Sigma Chi House?

  • The Sigma Chi UBC House is located in the Greek Village at 2-2880 Wesbrook Mall, right across from the UBC Rugby Field and a short walk from the Thunderbird arena. We are the second house on the left when entering the Fraternity village from the Wesbrook Mall entrance.

Who do I contact about Rush or joining a Fraternity?

  • Our Recruitment chairmen this year are George De Rossi and Evan Aluyen. If you want to learn more about our events and recruitment in general feel free to fill out the rush form.

What is Sigma Chi UBC looking for in potential new members?

  • The Delta Omicron chapter of Sigma Chi is composed of an extremely diverse group of members. Our brothers are everywhere around campus; from elected student leadership to varsity athletes. Anyone that can actively contribute to the diversity and brotherhood of our fraternity can be considered a potential new member.

What is SIgma Chi UBC involved in around campus and in the community?

  • The brothers of Sigma Chi UBC hold various positions in student government and are involved with prominent campus organizations such as the AMS, AUS, SUS and CUS. The brothers of Sigma Chi UBC can be found participating in a wide range of charitable causes ranging from PartyWell, Generoksity, our annual blood drive, as well as through other charitable events such as the Food Drive and Derby Days. The Sigma Chi Whalers Hockey team and Sigma Chi Eagles Soccer team are also respective Rec League champions.

What is Sigma Chi UBC?

  • We are the Delta Omicron Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, one of the largest Fraternities in the world with over 250 chapters representing more than 300,000+ members. Sigma Chi is recognized as the leading Fraternity on UBC campus due to its philanthropic, community service and social initiatives. In addition, Delta Omicron is recognized internationally as an exemplary chapter that produces leaders with a strict work ethic and sound morals who are looking not only to better themselves but the community around them.

What are the time commitments of a Fraternity?

  • Time commitments to the Fraternity are usually kept to a minimum, since we understand that as students, things such as academics and other priorities are of utmost importance. Time commitments usually are limited to 5 hours per week.

Who are some of the notable Alumni of Sigma Chi.

  • Sigma Chi boasts thousands of notable alumni who carry on the traditions instilled upon them from their time at Sigma Chi. Some notable alumni include Brothers Brad Pitt, Drew Brees, David Letterman, John Wayne, Woody Harrelson, Luke Bryan, Ty Burrell and countless others that can be seen on our Alumni page.

What are some of your biggest events?

  • At Sigma Chi UBC, we host a variety of social and philanthropic events throughout the duration of the school year. Some of our notable social events can be found on our events calendar, and include Toga, Eclipse, Small Rooms, Academy, as well as a assortment of smaller events. As for philanthropy, our most notable event is the annual Derby Days fundraiser, which raises money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.