About Derby Days

Derby Days is UBC Sigma Chi’s largest philanthropic event of the year, last year raising a record-breaking $10,000 for cystic fibrosis and cancer research. Further, over the past five years UBC Sigma Chi has raised over $35,000 for various charitable causes! Moving forward, however, we have set our goals higher than ever, and plan on raising $15,000 through a Thanksgiving long weekend carnival! All proceeds from this event will be going to benefit the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The best part about all this? You can help us support our local community and reach our goal while having the time of your life at the fair! So come on through October 7th-9th, and take part in this engaging event for some very worthy initiatives!

About Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI)

Founded by Significant Sig and Order of Constantine Sig Jon M. Huntsman in 1995, the Huntsman Cancer Institute is dedicated to finding the causes of cancer, developing new and better treatments, and preventing people from ever developing cancer. Huntsman founded HCI to focus on understanding cancer from its beginnings and to translate this knowledge into safer and more effective treatments. The Sigma Chi Fraternity raised $1.3 million during the 2015-2016 school year on behalf of HCI, and have pledged $10 million by the year 2019.

The Huntsman Cancer Institute has devoted itself to becoming a symbol of hope and relief for those carrying the heavy burden of cancer. The men of Sigma Chi have committed to do the same, pledging to be the generation that ends cancer. One in two men will get cancer. One in three women will get cancer. One in 10 kids will get cancer. These aren't just statistics - this is personal. And YOU can do something about it.

About BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF)

Since 1982, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has worked with families, caregivers, and hundreds of thousands of British Columbians to raise funds to support BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre, and the Child and Family Research Institute. Through a wide range of fundraising events and opportunities, BCCHF is united with its donors by a single, simple passion - to improve the health and the lives of the young patients of the BC Children’s Hospital every day.

Sponsorship Opportunities

One of the primary ways Sigma Chi Derby Days raises money is through sponsors from both local and national businesses. In addition to supporting a great cause, sponsoring Derby Days is a great business decision because of the thousands of college students the event reaches. With this unique opportunity, businesses are able to increase publicity while also gain a better public opinion because of the great cause they are supporting. The Derby Days competition has grown to become one of the biggest philanthropic events at the University of British Columbia, so don’t miss your chance to capitalize on a great marketing opportunity. From t-shirts to banners, your company has the unique chance to advertise to thousands of college students while supporting the fight against cancer. Take advantage today, and read below for more information about our sponsorship opportunities.