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Haunted House Philanthropy

About the Haunted House

In October 2015, Delta Omicron hosted its first ever Haunted House. The Sigma Chi House was transformed into an eery prison swarmed with rogue, lifeless prisoners sure to give guests a good scare. Over $1,200 was raised and donated to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation from this spooky event. Due to its success and positive feedback from attendees, Delta Omicron will continue hosting this community event from year to year in hopes of giving Vancouverites more scares during the Halloween season - all for a good cause.

Partnership Opportunities

If you or your business would like to collaborate with us, please send us a message! We are always looking to partner with organizations who also want to make a positive impact on their community.

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Community Service

Sigma Chi Blood Drive

Sigma Chi is proud to have hosted blood drives once, if not twice, an academic year since 2011. Due to the efforts of the Delta Omicron chapter, many hundreds of units of blood have been donated to people in need. Stay up to date with Sigma Chi UBC if you would like to participate in the next blood drive.

Safe blood saves lives and improves health. Blood transfusion is needed for:

  • children with severe anaemia, often resulting from malaria or malnutrition;
  • people with severe trauma following manmade and natural disasters;
  • women with complications of pregnancy; and
  • many complex medical and surgical procedures and cancer patients

General Community Service Participation

The brothers of Delta Omicron actively participate in Greek and non-Greek community service projects in order to give back. Sigma Chi is proud to support the local Vancouver Covenant House through annual clothing drives, as well as other UBC Sorority and Fraternity community service initiatives.

Sigma Chi is always looking for service opportunities to benefit the local communities in which we live. For partnerships, feel free to contact our Community Service Chairman and/or our Philanthropy Chairmen.