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See the Vancouver Alumni LinkedIn group and connect with local brothers. To stay up-to-date with the active chapter's events, meetings, and alumni engagement efforts, e-mail our current Tribune Keaton Goossen. 



The 1855 Plan

The 1855 Plan was created to help the active brothers of Delta Omicron operate the chapter. In the past, Delta Omicron has been entirely self-sufficient, operating using active member dues and revenue from social events. However, due to the increasing size of the chapter, its extensive campus and community involvement, and the limitation of active member dues, Delta Omicron needs the help of Alumni, family, and friends to continue operating as UBC's most prestigious fraternity.

Why take part in the 1855 Plan?

All donations, in one form or another, help the brothers of Delta Omicron continue operating as UBC's most prestigious fraternity. Delta Omicron is proud to have one of the best maintained chapter houses, to host some of the most successful philanthropy events in the Greek System, and to have the biggest outreach to the UBC community. The more help we get, the more we can help the community around us.

The Donation Fund

The Donation Fund is divided into three parts.

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About the Philanthropy Fund

Delta Omicron raises thousands of dollars annually for charity through various philanthropic events. Most notable is Derby Days, Delta Omicron staple philanthropic event. In 2015, Derby Days raised over $10,000 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Shinerama in order to help fund cancer and cystic fibrosis research. Donations to the Philanthropy Fund would go towards the operating costs of Delta Omicron's philanthropic events and to the chosen charities themselves

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About the Chapter House Improvement Fund

The Delta Omicron Chapter House is a home to 28 active members per year and has been the home of hundreds of Delta Omicron alumni since its construction. Despite constant efforts from Delta Omicron active members and its Housing Corporation to upkeep the house, there are several key aspects that need repair. Donations to the Chapter House Improvement Fund would go towards house improvement projects such as the reflooring and repainting of the chapter house.

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About the Chapter Operations Fund

In addition to maintaining the Chapter House and organizing philanthropic events, Delta Omicron hosts some of UBC's largest social events and most elegant formal events. Donations to the Chapter Operations Fund would help subsidize the cost of event marketing, security costs, venue bookings, and more.


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